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    // At School
     // At the Party
     // At the Movies
     // At the Mall

At the Movies
Chris and Lisa are seated in the movie theater waiting for Steve to arrive.

Dialogue in slang Translation of dialogue in standard English
I wonder whats keeping Steve?
I wonder whats detaining Steve?
Oh, I forgot to tell you. Hes not gonna show up. He called just before we took off.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. Hes not going to arrive. He called just before we left.
What kind of line did he hand you this time?
What kind of excuse did he give you this time?
Something about his car dying again.
Something about his car becoming inoperable again.
What a bunch of noise. He doesnt even have a car. He gets around everywhere by bike. I dont know what hes trying to pull. The guys a total flake.
What a lot of nonsense. He doesnt even have a car. He commutes everywhere by bike. I dont know what hes trying to succeed at doing. The man is totally unreliable.
You said it. Thats the last straw. The guy lies like a rug. I dunno why weve put up with him for this long. Im telling you, if I run into him tomorrow, Im reading him the riot act. This time, he blew it big time. Man, Im gonna have a field day with him.
I agree. Thats all I can tolerate. The man always lies. I dont know why weve tolerated him for this long. Im telling you, if I inadvertently encounter him tomorrow, Im reprimanding him. This time, he made a big mistake. Man, Im going to have a great time yelling at him.
Try not to lose your cool too much. One things for sure. Itll be a cold day in hell before we invite him to the movies again. By the way, do you even know what this movies about?
Try not to lose your temper too much. One thing is certain. Well never invite him to the movies again. Incidentally, do you even know what this movies about?
All I know is that the critics panned it. They all said the star kept blowing his lines. But you can always count on one thing...if a critic thinks a movies a bomb, itll be a smash hit.
All I know is that the critics criticized it harshly. They all said the star kept making mistakes saying his lines. But you can always depend on one thing... if a critic thinks a movie is a bad production, itll be a huge success.


This time, I blew it big time. blow it big time (to) exp. to make a terrible mistake.
He kept blowing his lines tonight. blow ones lines (to) exp. to make a mistake while speaking ones lines from a script.
She keeps flubbing her lines. SYNONYM: to flub ones lines exp.
The show was a real bomb. bomb n. bad production (theater, television, movies, etc.).
That show was a real turkey SYNONYM: turkey n.
ANTONYM: SEE - smash.
The movie really bombed.
I really bombed on my test.
ALSO: to bomb v. to fail.
She has a bunch of kids.
Thanks a bunch!
bunch (a) n. a lot.
She has a whole bunch of kids.
I drank a whole bunch of coffee last night.
ALSO: a whole bunch exp. a large amount.
She has a pile of children. SYNONYM: pile n.
By the way, your father is very nice. by the way exp. incidentally.
Itll be a cold day in hell before I see her again. cold day in hell (a) exp. never.
Dont you want to date him? When donkeys fly! SYNONYM: when donkeys fly exp.
I was counting on getting that money.
Im counting on you.
count on (to) exp. to depend on (someone or something).
The washing machine just died. die (to) v. to become inoperable (lit); to expire, to pass away.
He just up and died!
My car just up and died!
ALSO: to up and die exp. to become suddenly inoperable (lit); to expire suddenly.
1. My car conked out in the middle of the street.
2. He was so tired when he came home that he just conked out on the sofa.
SYNONYM: to conk out exp.
1. to be inoperable.
2. to fall asleep.
Im gonna go to bed. Im conked out ALSO: to be conked out exp. to be exhausted.
At the pastry shop, I had a field day!
When I saw her in the market, I finally told her what I think of her. I had a field day.
field day exp. a great time-, complete self-indulgence.
Dont count on him picking you up at the airport on time. Hes a real flake. flake n. an unreliable person.
You cant depend on him. Hes too flakey. ALSO: flakey adj. Unreliable.
1. He gets around by bicycle.
2. She really gets around.
3. How are we gonna get around the problem?
get around (to) exp. 
1. to commute.
2. to go from one sexual partner to the other.
3. to avoid.
Do you know that guy? guy n. man (in general).
We just hired that fellow over there. SYNONYM: fellow n. [commonly pronounced: fella]
He handed me his car keys. hand someone something (to) exp. to give someone something.
He handed over his car keys to me. ALSO: to hand over exp. to give or relinquish.
Whats keeping him?
She kept him after school.
keep someone (to) exp. to detain someone.
1. Whats holding her up?
She held me up for an hour.
2. Theres the man who held up that old woman!
SYNONYM: to hold someone up exp.
1. to detain someone.
2. to rob someone.
He used my car again without asking me?! Thats the last straw! last straw exp. the final act that one can tolerate.
When I found out that she didnt invite me to the party, that was the straw that broke the camels back. ALSO: the straw that broke the camels back exp. This expression conjures up an image of pieces of straw, being placed on a camels back until it can support no more.
That did it! Im leaving! SYNONYM: That did it! exp.
  lie like a rug (to) exp. to tell enormous lies.
1. You actually believed that line?
2. While I was sitting at the bar, this guy comes up to me and says, Hi. Didnt we meet somewhere before? I cant believe he used that old line on me!
line n.
1. an excuse.
2. an overused statement used to allure.
I know I shouldnt have yelled at her but I just lost my cool. lose ones cool (to) exp. to lose ones temper.
She blew up when I told her I lost her book. SYNONYM (1): to blow up exp.
I know I shouldnt have flown off the handle like that. SYNONYM (2): to fly off the handle exp.
I know I shouldnt have yelled at her but I just lost it. ALSO: to lose it exp. to lose ones temper.
Dont gimme that noise! noise n. nonsense.
What he told you was nothing but baloney. SYNONYM: baloney n.
The critics panned the play. pan (to) v. to criticize brutally an element of the arts (such as a play, a movie, an actor, etc.).
The critics really raked them over the coals. SYNONYM: to rake over the coals exp.
Whats he trying to pull this time? pull something (to) exp. to succeed at doing something dishonest.
Whats he trying to get away with this time? SYNONYM: to get away with something exp.
Im not putting up with this anymore. put up with (to) exp. to tolerate (someone or something).
Our house guest will be leaving in just two days. Try and stick it out a little longer. SYNONYM (1): to stick it out exp.
Im not taking this anymore. SYNONYM (2): to take something exp.
NOTE: Im mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore! exp.
She really read me the riot act. read someone the riot act (to) exp. to reprimand someone.
I heard your mother really laid into you! SYNONYM: to lay into someone exp.
Can you believe it? I ran into him in Paris! run into someone (to) exp. to encounter someone unintentionally.
Youll never guess who I bumped into today! SYNONYM: to bump into someone exp.
He finally showed up at 10:00. show up (to) exp. to arrive.
Wheres Tom? It looks like hes a no-show. NOTE: no-show n. one who fails to arrive.
He finally turned up about 8:00. SYNONYM: to turn up exp.
The movie was a smash hit.
The movie was a smash.
The movie was a hit.
Smash hit exp. a tremendous success.
ANTONYM: See - bomb.
Wed better take off now if we dont want to be late. Take off (to) exp. to leave.
Wed better split if we dont want to be late. SYNONYM: to split v.
  You said it! exclam. I agree!
SYNONYM: You got it! exclam.

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