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 Øêîëå    // At School
 Íà Âå÷åðèíêå   // At the Party
 Â Êèíî   // At the Movies
 Â òîðãîâîì öåíòðå   // At the Mall

At School

Dialogue In Slang Translation of dialogue in standard English
Anne joins Peggy, who seems totallyout of it. Anne joins Peggy, who seems to bein a daze.
Anne:You seem really ticked off. What’s up? Anne:You seem really angry. What’s the matter?
Peggy:Just get out of my face, would you?! Peggy:Just leave me alone, alright?!
Anne:Chill out! What’s eating you, anyway? Anne:Relax! What’s the matter with you, anyway?
Peggy:Sorry. It’s just that I think I blew the final and now my parents are going to get all bent out of shape. I like totally drew a blank on everything! Peggy:Sorry. It’s just that I think I failed the final examination and now my parents are going to get all upset. I, uh, couldn’t think of any of the answers!
Anne:Well, now you’re really going to freak out when I tell you who aced it... what’s-her-face... the one who always kisses up to the teacher. Anne:Well, now you’re really going to be mad when I tell you who got 100% on it... I forgot her name... the one who always flatters the teacher.
Peggy:Jennifer Davies? Give me a break! I can’t stand her. She’s such a dweeb! How could she possibly ace it when she keeps cutting class all the time? Peggy:Jennifer Davies? You’re kidding! I don’t like her! She’s such a moron! How could she possibly get 100% on it when she’s absent from class all the time?
Anne: She’s the teacher’s pet, that’s why. Besides, he’s so laid back he lets her get away with it. She just really rubs me the wrong way. And you know what? I think she’s got the hots for him, too. Anne:She’s the teacher’s favorite student, that’s why. Besides, he’s so casual he permits her to do it. There’s just something about her I don’t like. And you know what? I think she really likes him, too.
Peggy:Get out of here! Peggy:You’ve got to be joking!
Anne:I’m dead serious. Yesterday, before class starts, she walks up to Mr. Edward’s desk and goes, ’Good morning, Jim. Anne:I’m very serious. Yesterday, before class starts, she walks up to Mr. Edward’s desk and says, ‘Good morning, Jim.’
Peggy:Oh, gag me! She’s totally gross! Peggy:Oh, that makes me sick! She’s totally disgusting!


  ace a test (to) exp.to do extremely well on a test.
She passed the test with flying colors. SYNONYM: to pass a test with flying colors exp.
He blew the test. ANTONYM: to blow a test exp.
1. I blew the interview.
2. I totally forgot my doctor’s appointment. I really blew it.
blow something (to) exp.
1. to fail at something.
2. to make a big mistake.
1. I forgot to pick her up at the airport! I really goofed up.
2. I goofed up my leg skiing.

SYNONYM: to goof up something exp.  
1. to make a big mistake
2. to hurt oneself.
  chill out (to) exp. to calm down.
Don’t be so upset about it! Mellow out! SYNONYM: to mellow out exp.
ANTONYM: See - freak out (to).
  cut class (to) exp. to be absent from class without permission.
I’m going to ditch (my) class today. SYNONYM (1): to ditch (a) class exp.
That’s the second time this week he’s played hooky. SYNONYM (2): to play hooky exp.
dead ahead; dead drunk; dead last; dead on; dead right; dead set; dead tired; dead wrong. dead serious (to be) exp. to be extremely serious. The adjective “dead” is commonly used to mean “extremely,” “absolutely,” or “directly” in the following expressions.
  draw a blank (to) exp. to forget suddenly.
I can’t believe how I blanked out on her name! SYNONYM: to blank [out] v.
1. I don’t remember the answer. Let me think... I got it!
2. I wonder what we should do today. I got it!
3. Now I get it.
ANTONYM: to get it exp.
1. to remember suddenly.
2. to get a sudden idea.
3. to understand.
  dweeb n. moron, simpleton.
What a geek! SYNONYM: geek adj.
What’s eating you today? eat (to) v. to upset, to anger.
1. Seeing how unfairly she s being treated just eats me up.
2. He’s eating up all the praise he’s getting.
VARIATION: to eat up exp.
1. to upset.
2. to enjoy.
final n. This is a very popular abbreviation for “final examination” which can also be contracted to “final exam.”
If he doesn’t arrive in five minutes, I’m going to freak out. freak out (to) exp. 
1. to lose control of one’s emotional state, to become very upset and irrational 
2. to lose grasp of reality temporarily due to drugs.
If he doesn’t arrive in five minutes, I’m going to flip out. SYNONYM: to flip out exp.
My mom kept her cool when I told her I destroyed the car. ANTONYM (1): to keep one’s cool exp. to stay calm, composed.
ANTONYM (2): See - chill out (to).
  “Gag me!” exp. “That makes me sick!”
Susan and Bob are going together?! Gross me out! SYNONYM: “Gross me out!” exp.
My mom got all bent out of shape when I came home late. get [all] bent out of shape (to) exp. to become very angry.
My dad flew off the handle when I wrecked the car. SYNONYM: to fly off the handle exp.
He got away with cheating on the test get away with something (to) exp. to succeed at doing something dishonest.
He got away with cheating on the test?! He gets away with murder! to get away with murder exp. (very popular) to succeed at being dishonest.
“He actually aced the test?” “Yes! He really pulled it off!”
He pulled off a bank job.
SYNONYM: to pull something off exp. to succeed at doing something very difficult but not necessarily dishonest.
The teacher finally saw him cheating on the test. I knew he’d get busted sooner or later. ANTONYM: to get busted exp. to get caught doing something dishonest.
“Is that your girlfriend?” “Get outta here!”
“I just heard that John’s dog got killed.” “Get outta here!”
“Get out of here!” exp.
1. “You’re kidding!”
2.  “Absolutely not!”
1. “I won a trip to Europe!” “No way!”
2. “I won a trip to Europe!” “No way!”
3. “Do you like her?” “No way!”
SYNONYM: No way!” exp.
1. (in surprise and excitement).
2. (in disbelief).
3. (to emphasize “no”).
Get outta my face! I’m busy! get out of someone’s face (to) exp. to leave someone alone.
Get lost! SYNONYM: to get lost exp.
I’m going to hang [out] with Debbie today.
Why don’t you go without me? I’m just going to stay here and hang (out) today.
ANTONYM: to hang [out] with someone exp. to spend time with someone (and do nothing in particular).
1. Gimme a break!
2. Please, gimme a break and let me take the test again.
3. I gave him his first big break at becoming an actor.
4. Since this is your first offense, I’m going to give you a break.
give someone a break (to) exp. 
1. This popular expression is commonly used to indicate annoyance and disbelief. It could best be translated as, “You’re kidding!”
2. to do someone a favor.
3. to give someone an opportunity for success.
4. to be merciful with someone.
So, I told the policeman that my speedometer was broken and he goes, ’Gimme a break!’ go (to) v. to say.
So, I go up to her and tell her how great she looks since she’s lost all that weight and she’s all, ’Stop teasing me!’ SYNONYM (1): to be all exp.
I said hello to her yesterday and she s like, ’Leave me alone!’ SYNONYM (2): to be like exp.
I’m not eating that! It looks gross! gross (to be) adj. to be disgusting.
hots for someone (to have the) exp. to be interested sexually in someone.
“She turns me on.”
Math really turns me on.
She’s a real turn on/off!
SYNONYM: to be turned on by someone exp.
He’s hot! ALSO: to be hot exp. to be good looking and sexy.

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